About Mother's choice

Mother's Choice is creating the next generation of personal care products scientifically proven to be healthy, safe for use and 100% natural.

Furthermore, the cost of production is significantly lower than existing natural labeled products. Based on extensive research that climaxed in a scientific breakthrough, Mother's Choice is launching a cleansing platform that will change the personal care market and create the new standard for personal care products that are scientifically proven to be healthy and safe for use.

As a strategic decision Mother's Choice will focus on baby care for its initial market penetration. Mother's Choice is currently privately funded and was founded in 2007 in Israel by a group of veteran marketing executives that teamed with leading scientists to create a new standard for personal care products where health and safety are uncompromised.

In order to guarantee Mother's Choice products are 100% safe, 100% natural and 100% biodegradable the company is conducting joint research with leading academic and research institutes:


Why Mother's Choice?

Many personal care products available on the market today are labeled as natural. However, as a result of technological limitations, no truly natural products currently exist on the market. The products advertised as natural fall into one of two categories: products that included ingredients that are based on chemical modifications or products that include ingredients based on a chemical reaction meaning a creation of new molecules which do not exist in nature.

Mother's Choice products are extracted out of plants only and are completely free of chemical modifications or synthetic materials making Mother's Choice the first personal care producer to develop 100% natural products.

The cleansing platform is based on components and formulas that have been uniquely developed by Mother's Choice. Most are unknown or unused in existing toiletries and therefore have been patented both on the process and composition of formulations with additional pending patents around safety use of the product, in particular for babies.

Unlike organic or other natural labeled products that carry a high price premium due to cost of processing natural substances, the patented formula that is the base for all current and future Mother's Choice products will be competitively priced because the ingredients used in the base formula are not high cost items and do not require significant processing.

Our Solution

This is a breakthrough, for the first time scientifically proven safe for use, 100% natural and environmentally benign personal care products that are affordable and provide great user experience